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Supported Living Schemes in Barking and Dagenham

The main aim of our supported living in Barking and Dagenham is to provide a stable home environment for our residents. Depending on their needs and goals, we’ll support them in living as independently as we can.

Both residents and support staff are based in the same building and the level of support varies from home to home.

Each of our accommodation schemes is located near to town centres, public transport options and social amenities – everything a person could need to live a fulfilling, self-sufficient life.



Our Objectives

  • Promote Independence
  • Combat Homelessness
  • Maintain Dignity
  • Ready People for a Self-Sufficient Life
  • Provide Flexible Services

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The Placement Strategy

Our service aims, always, to offer the least restrictive housing option available, depending on the needs and abilities of the service user in question.

We want to see every placement end in success! The way we define that is seeing each service user return to normal life in their community as quickly as possible.

We plan each placement individually, taking into account the situation and the needs of every person.

We promote well-being choice, and self-control, while stepping in with our assistance, wherever necessary. We mitigate the user’s vulnerabilities and promote their strengths, to see them thrive.

The “Moving On” Plan

The primary objective of our service is to see those who are dependent – on substances, on other people or even on our service – develop independence.

In terms of time-scales, that depends very much on each individual. It will become clear shortly after they enter one of our supported living schemes, as they track their progress with the help of our dedicated team.



Our Support Model

Our basic support model involves living at one of our specialist accommodation locations, with an individual support package, designed around the needs of the user.

Levels of support can vary from just a few hours per week to full-time, 24-hour care. That’s where our floating support comes in. We’ll be behind the service user as they make their way toward their goals, stepping in where necessary to keep them on track.

We operate a “do with,” rather than a “do for” mentality, with our standards measured alongside those of the CQC and regularly inspected by the Local Authorities Quality Assurance Team.

Our team are hard-working and deeply committed to the people they care for. For the best quality care, that respects individuality and promotes independence, trust Homebridge.