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Homebridge Care Group serve with your personal needs in mind. If you know someone in need of supported living accommodation or someone who could use a floating support service, we’re here to make the transition back to independence as easy as possible. We serve all kinds of people who need that extra helping hand, with person-centred, individualised care.

We provide our services for supported living in Barking and Dagenham and at various other locations across London. That way, wherever in the capital you are, the care you need is just around the corner.



Person-Centred Care

At Homebridge Care Group, our service is designed around the needs of the person, not around what’s convenient for us. The person receiving care is at the centre of everything we do, with our values of choice, empowerment, respect, independence and honesty running through every decision we make.


We want to see everyone living fulfilling, positive lives, as active citizens, whether they’re:

  • Suffering with mental health issues.
  • Dealing with drug or alcohol problems.
  • Homeless or at risk of losing their homes.
  • A young person leaving care.
  • Recently released from prison.
  • Due to be released soon.

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Our Goals

Promote Independence

Our supported living in Barking and Dagenham is here to prevent homelessness, dependence and social exclusion, so that everyone can live independently, with dignity.

Innovate in Care

We want to bring new approaches to care, supporting our changing population with support that is relevant to the individual, not one-size-fits-all.

Stepping Stones

We help make the transition from junior care, from prison or from any other form of care smooth and hazard-free. We’ll take you by the hand as you go.

Promote Resilience

True independence needs some backing. We’re here to equip people with the skills to live their own lives fully, with resilience and confidence.


Bridge the Gap

The diversity of services available to the groups we serve is severely lacking! We’re here to bridge that gap, offering a service catered to the needs of the individual.

Respond Dynamically

We adapt the changing needs of all clients. The world changes frequently and so do people, so we ensure that our supported housing in Barking and Dagenham reflects that.

Fulfil Lives

We want to see real fulfilment in everyone we care for, with people remaining independent for as long as possible, as they lead healthy, contented lives.






The Bottom Line

The word that underpins everything we do is “opportunity.”

Nobody can live life for you, so we’re here to promote and facilitate independence, while also ensuring that the service user is sufficiently housed and has access to the support they need, just when they need it.

We give vulnerable individuals the chance to be self-sufficient, but we’re always behind them when they need a hand.

Visit our Services and Facilities page for more information.

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Values at the Core

Working Together

Respect and Dignity

Everybody Counts


Quality of Care

Compassion and Care

Improving Lives



Work With Us

Are you dynamic? Adaptable? Qualified? We support differently – can you?

We’re always ready to welcome new members to the team.

If you have the right skills, attitude and experience and are interested in joining our friendly team, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Safe Places

The accommodation used as part of our supported living in Barking and Dagenham is made up of small units or larger homes, converted into bedsits or shared housing.

These allow our service users to live as independently as possible, in a comfortable, home-based setting.

Different levels of support are available, including intensive 24-hour support, 12-hour support and our floating support service.

Our Facilities

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Changing Lives, One Person at a Time

If a loved one or someone in your care could benefit from supported living, in Barking and Dagenham or anywhere else in London, get in touch today. Call now on 02082794039 or email

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