Dignity, Compassion and Respect For Those In Our Care

At Homebridge Care Group, we’re focused on seeing people in care find the independence they need. Whether they have mental health issues, drug and alcohol problems or any other barrier between them and self-sufficiency, we’re here.

We provide floating support services and supported living, in Barking and Dagenham and at various other locations around London, so we can see people develop life skills and gain the independence they deserve.

Our support is defined by our person-centred approach and underpinned by our values of choice, respect, independence, openness and honesty. Let us start your loved one on the path to self-reliance.



Our Story

Our team shares the same dreams and goals as our clients and as a Supported Living Services we aim to provide the best possible service by building foundations for independent living.

Homebridge Care Group was created around our customers.

Here’s how it happened:

Noticing Gaps

We have worked in health and social care for years, across different sectors and we noticed a severe lack of quality supported accommodation, in Barking and Dagenham and across London.

The needs of those in care was changing, but the housing support on offer hadn’t changed with them.

We saw the problem for what it was – an opportunity!

Making Change

Now, we’re here to support the changing needs of our population, so those with mental health issues, drug or alcohol issues and the like can receive a personalised standard of care and live more independently. 

Through hard work, close attention to our service users’ needs and a commitment to self-reliance, our vision is to see Homebridge Care Group become a leading supported living and floating support service provider in the UK.

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"Do With" Over "Do For"

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Our Ethos – “Do With” Over “Do For”

We aim to be different. So often, when it comes to care, we focus on what we can do “for” you. We take a different approach, identifying individual goals of the service user and doing it together. We’ll do it “with” you, not “for” you, as we see people achieve their goals and gain greater self-reliance.

Our Culture

At our supported accommodation in Barking and Dagenham, we operate an open, blame-free culture. If there’s ever an incident or something goes wrong, we encourage our service users to talk to us about what’s happened. We’re here to help! We always aim to promote a culture of learning and development.




Our Values

Working Together

At Homebridge, those in need of care are never alone. We involve the user’s wider family, external agencies and colleagues, working together to create an environment in which they can thrive.

Respect and Dignity

Our care is person-centred, delivered with the understanding that everyone is different. We treat people as such, respecting their choices and encouraging them to be themselves while, at the same time, encouraging them to break out of their comfort zones.

Everybody Counts

We won’t see anyone excluded or discriminated against, taking into account each person’s human rights as we provide care. We encourage people to speak up about their concerns and always act upon concerns raised.

Commitment to Quality of Care

We strive for quality in everything we do, from the way we approach each client to the way we embrace new opportunities. We take criticism on board and adjust as necessary. Quality of care and quality of life are our primary aims, always.


Compassion is key to providing care that’s appropriate for each individual. We treat people with kindness and weave a culture of empathy into all aspects of our organisation. We take other peoples’ values into account at all times.

Improving Lives

Above all, our supported accommodation in Barking and Dagenham is there to improve lives. We share ideas, understand the standards of care required and always endeavour to improve the outcomes of the people in our care.




Quality Assurance Protocol

  • Risks are monitored, managed and, wherever possible, action is taken beforehand to mitigate them.
  • The service complies with the main delivery terms, as determined in our Service Specification.
  • We deliver quality services that reflect good practice and continuously provide value for money.
  • We achieve the required outcomes for all service users.



How We Work With You


We match our carers to those that need them, with varied levels of care administered, as necessary. Every user gets a regular one-to-one session with the carer assigned to them.

  Purposeful Activities

The carer ensures that the user’s day is well-structured, with all appointments attended on time, as well as giving them the chance to develop social and life skills.

  Progression and Development System

The carer will help the user set out their own personal development roadmap, leading them on the way to fulfilling their potential.

  Thorough Care Planning Assessments

The carer will undertake a detailed, in-depth care planning assessment, to make certain that they know the person they’re caring for as well as possible. They’ll build a plan on how to help the user make the most of their potential.

  Regular Updates

The placing authority will be given regular updates, interim and full assessments of how much progress is being made and how soon the user will be ready to make that step back into complete self-reliance.



  Expert Teams

Our staff are highly trained and committed to what they do. They provide a holistic service to adults with a range of complex needs. Each member of the team is fully vetted and dedicated to seeing individuals live as self-sufficient lives as they can.



  High Standards

A commitment to quality is evident throughout our offering, from the way we monitor our services, to the attention we pay to self-governance, to the ways in which we strive to improve our standards at every turn.




  Personalised Care

Our care is designed around the individual, delivering real value to our users, both socially and financially.  We provide a space that supports people in achieving independent, healthy, safe, and fulfilling lives.



  Diversified Accommodation

Our supported accommodation is diverse, meeting the needs of a variety of people, as they seek self-sufficiency and independence. These are the least restrictive forms of housing available.



Company registration number: 12444167